24-ID, Mindanao, April – August 1945

Operations of the 24th Infantry Division in the invasion of Midanao (with Emphasis on G-1 Activities), Philippine Islands, April 17 – August 11 1945, (Personal Experience of a Division General Staff Officer), (Assistant Division G-1 and Subsequently Division G-1), Lt Col Robert J. Daniels

This personal experience monograph covers the operations of the 24th Infantry Division in the Invasion of Mindanao Island, Philippine Islands, during the period of 17 April 1945 to 11 August 1945 with particular emphasis being placed on the G-1 activities of the Division General Staff. The division operation, commencing with an amphibious assault developed initially into a highly mobile situation with later phases being involved with a hard slow-moving battle. A study of this operation is believed to be of special interest to military students as it affords an opportunity to study an independent infantry division action which was an infrequent situation in World War II.

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