505-ELP Company – June 1944 – April 1945

Bridges-&-Engineers-WW-2-001 (Our River)


Original Unit Designation : 505th Engineer Light Ponton Company
Date of Organization : May 15 1942
Place of Organization : Camp Gordon, Georgia
Authority of Organization : General Order #15, Hq Eastern Defense Command and First Army, dated May 15 1942.
Sources from which original personnel were obtained.


Company Commander, Capt Archibald E. Sutton (0-304319), C.E. by transfer from the Engineer Replacement Training Center, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
Executive Officer : 1st Lt Gerald L. Bilbro, C.E. by transfer from the 75th Engineer Light Ponton Company, Camp Beauregard, La.
Platoon Commanders and Motor Officer : By assignment from the Fourth Engineer Officer Candidate School, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, as follow :

Francis F. Carnes, 2nd Lt, C.E. (0-1100038)
James J. Carnes, Jr, 2nd Lt, (0-1100039)
Burrel D. Carney, Jr, 2nd Lt, C.E. (0-1100041)
Francis M. Carson, 2nd Lt, C.E. (0-1100043)


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77th Armored Medical Battalion (AAR) 09/44-05/45


77th Medical Battalion Armored
Subject : Unit History
To : Commanding General, 7th Armored Division

September 1944

(Sept 1) found us still bivouacked two miles south of Fismes, France, where we had been since Aug 29. Up to this time the battalion had been most fortunate regarding the number of casualties suffered by our own men and although many of our collecting sections had been under fire upon several occasions, our only casualty due to wounds to this date was still one, T/5 Lukowicz of A Co who was wounded the latter part of Aug. We remained in this present area until Sept 2, at which time we moved 84 miles to an area 1/2 mile north of Blercourt, France, which is located 8 miles West of Verdun, France.

(Sept 5) Lt Schini, our one surplus M.A.C. was transferred to the 17th Tank Battalion as Battalion Surgeon Assistant. The division was given a rest period for the majority of our stay in the area at Blercourt and motor maintenance plus care of personal equipment was stressed.

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(SECRET)(1944-2016) Lady Jeannette – B-17G #42-97904


A series of articles, laying out the true events behind the creation of : The Best Kept Secret Of World War Two. In December 1945, when it became known that Gen George S. Patton had told his staff he was quitting the Army so he could speak freely and after New Years 1946 he was going to tell the American public the truth about what those who were attempting to destroy him had done. He was positive, once that truth was known, he could live freely and it was their careers that would be destroyed. A series of day by day articles beginning on Nov 9 2015, which is the 71st anniversary of the crash of the Lady Jeannette, B-17G, SN : 42-97904 (November 9 1944). I will describe the shooting down and the crash of two American bombers in France. One was the Lady Jeannette, the other, a top secret B-24J which was flying a top secret night mission while attached to the top secret 100th Group Royal Air Force. The B-24J also crashed in France, early on the morning of Nov 10 1944, 138 miles from the crash site of the Lady Jeannette.

Crew Members #42-97904
2/Lt Joseph F. Harms, Bombardier, 729-BS/452-BG/8-AAF (Heavy), New York, USA
Air Medal, Purple Heart
T/Sgt Russell W. Gustafson, Flight Engineer, 729-BS/452-BG/8-AAF (Heavy), New York, USA
Air Medal, Purple Heart
1/Lt Daniel J. Gott, Pilot, 729-BS/452-BG/8-AAF (Heavy), Oklahoma, USA
Medal of Honor, Air Medal, Purple Heart
2/Lt William E. Metzger Jr, Copilot, 729-BS/452-BG/8-AAF (Heavy), Ohio, USA
Air Medal, Purple Heart, Medal of Honor
2/Lt John A. Harland, Navigator, 729-BS/452-BG/8-AAF (Heavy), Illinois, USA
Air Medal, Purple Heart
T/Sgt Robert A. Dunlap, Radio Operator, 729-BS/452-BG/8-AAF, (Heavy), California, USA
Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart
S/Sgt James O. Fross, Belly Gunner, 729-BS/452-BG/8-AAF (Heavy), Texas, USA
Air Medal, Purple Heart
S/Sgt William R. Robbins, Gunner, 729-BS/452-BG/8-AAF (Heavy), Massachusetts, USA
Air Medal
S/Sgt Herman B. Krimminger, Tail Gunner, 729-BS/452-BG/8-AAF (Heavy), NC, USA
Air Medal, Purple Heart

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XIX TAC, 12000 Sorties 1944


XIX TAC – 12000 Sorties 1944 12.000 Fighter and Bomber Sorties, XIX Tactical Air Command’s First Month of Operations in Support of the US Third Army in France.

    Notes on Organization, Tactics, and Technique
    Missions of the XIX Tactical Air Command
    The Background, In Brief
    Air Operations Day by Day
    Five Accompanying Maps
    Annex : Map Showing Location of Units


Lt Gen George S. Patton Jr, US Third Army, Brig Gen C. P. Wetland, Commanding XIX Tactical Air Command

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