628-TDB (SP) Belgium, December 1944

Report : Employment of 4 TD Bns in the ETO
Officers Advanced Course – Armored School

628th Tank Destroyer Battalion (Self Propelled)

Maj William F. Jackson, Maj John E. Wales III, Maj Marshall B. Garth, Maj John A. Rankin, Maj Alfred L. Dibelia, Maj Robert Hall, Capt George F. Sawyer, Capt Robert L. Perley, Capt James L. Higgins


Preparing a research report on tank destroyers proved to be a more interesting task than most members of the Committee anticipated. The announcement of the subject cast some doubt upon the worth of a report on a now obsolete weapon of war, but not for long. The splendid achievements of tank destroyer units in action, the outstanding esprit of officers and men in these units under all conditions of combat, and the ingenuity and bravery they combined to stop the most feared menace of the battlefield in World War II created admiration for them and professional interest in their methods. It is hoped that this report adequately describes the courage and tenacity with which they fought and the skillful techniques they employed in outmaneuvering and outfighting their armored foe.

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505-ELP Company – June 1944 – April 1945

Bridges-&-Engineers-WW-2-001 (Our River)


Original Unit Designation : 505th Engineer Light Ponton Company
Date of Organization : May 15 1942
Place of Organization : Camp Gordon, Georgia
Authority of Organization : General Order #15, Hq Eastern Defense Command and First Army, dated May 15 1942.
Sources from which original personnel were obtained.


Company Commander, Capt Archibald E. Sutton (0-304319), C.E. by transfer from the Engineer Replacement Training Center, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
Executive Officer : 1st Lt Gerald L. Bilbro, C.E. by transfer from the 75th Engineer Light Ponton Company, Camp Beauregard, La.
Platoon Commanders and Motor Officer : By assignment from the Fourth Engineer Officer Candidate School, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, as follow :

Francis F. Carnes, 2nd Lt, C.E. (0-1100038)
James J. Carnes, Jr, 2nd Lt, (0-1100039)
Burrel D. Carney, Jr, 2nd Lt, C.E. (0-1100041)
Francis M. Carson, 2nd Lt, C.E. (0-1100043)


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