XIX TAC, 12000 Sorties 1944


XIX TAC – 12000 Sorties 1944 12.000 Fighter and Bomber Sorties, XIX Tactical Air Command’s First Month of Operations in Support of the US Third Army in France.

    Notes on Organization, Tactics, and Technique
    Missions of the XIX Tactical Air Command
    The Background, In Brief
    Air Operations Day by Day
    Five Accompanying Maps
    Annex : Map Showing Location of Units


Lt Gen George S. Patton Jr, US Third Army, Brig Gen C. P. Wetland, Commanding XIX Tactical Air Command

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After Action Report, CCB, 7-AD, August 1944 (France)

lucky-7Headquarters CCB
7th Armored Division
APO 257, c/o PM NY NY
September 3 1944

Subject : Battle Report

To : Commanding General
7th Armored Division
c/o PM New York, New York

1. In compliance with Administrative Memorandum #31, Headquarters 7th Armored Division, 21 July 1944 paragraph 2 and request Commanding General 7th Armored Division the following “Battle Report” is submitted.

2. During the Battle of France, the Combat Command Headquarters has functioned as a tactical headquarters in much of the capacity of the Standard Brigade headquarters.

3. The Combat Command is commanded by Brig Gen John P. Thompson, O-3741, USA.

4. The narrative history of the Combat Command during the Battle of France follows : CCB was initially assembled in tactical bivouac in the vicinity of Lessay, France. The troops making the CCB task force were landed over Omaha Beach and Utah Beach and the complete Combat Command assembled to function tactically Aug 12, 1944 composition as follows :

HQs & HQs Co CCB
31st Tank Battalion
434th Armored Field Artillery Bn
23rd Armored Infantry Bn
33rd Armored Engineer Bn (B Company)

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