AAR 10-AD, 419-AFAB – 11-1944 – 05-1945

10-AD (AAR) 419-AFAB, Nov 1944


Subject : After Action Report, 419th Armd FA Bn
Period : November 1944, TO : Commanding General, 10th Armd Div., APO 260, US Army

a. Total effective strength
(1) Beginning of period : 32 Officers, 2 WO, 484 EM
(2) End of period : 33 Officers, 2 WO, 491 EM
b. Casualties during action
(1) Killed : None
(2) Wounded : 2 Officers & 9 EM
(3) Missing : None
Replacements received : 3 Officers and 13 EM

Les soldats américains se dirigeant vers Saint-Lô.

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Lyndon C. Allen, AAF Combat Tour WW-2 (Diary)


I have got this archives from a friend in the USA. I am not an expert into Army Air Force codes and abbreviations but I’ll do my best as usual.

Eighth_Air_Force_-_EmblemBall Turret Gunner Lyndon C. Allen
Eighth Army Air Force

MacDill Field, Fla, 15 Jan 1941
Barksdale Field, La, Feb 1942
Will Rogers Field, Okla, Jul/Aug 1942
Shipham, UK, Oct-1942 Jun-1945
Sioux Falls AA Fld, SD, 27 Jun 1945
Great Bend AA Fld, Kan, 25 Jul 1945
Smoky Hill AA Fld, Kan, 14 Dec 1945/12 Jul 1946

Group History
Constituted as 44th Bombardment Group (Heavy) on Nov 20 1940, the Group was activated on Jan 15 1941 and was trained with B-24’s. The 44-BGH became an operational training unit in Feb 1942 and in Jul, began intensive preparations for combat until moved to England, Aug-Oct 1942, for service with Eighth Air Force. Operations consisted primarily of assaults against strategic targets in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Austria, Poland, and Sicily. The bombers pounded particularly submarine installations, industrial establishments, airfields, harbors, shipyards, and other objectives in France and Germany during the period Nov 1942 to Jun 1943. (Source : US 8-AAF)

B-24 Bomber Diamond Lil (Source : warbirdsnews.com)

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