2-ID, Surgeon’s Bulletin, Dec 1944


From : Medical Bulletin, Office of the Surgeon, HQs 2nd Infantry Division

The 2nd Infantry Division until Dec 12 1944 was in a holding position along the Siegfried Line with front line units being located in the Schnee Eifel forest on the western border of Germany. On Dec 12 the Division closed in the Elsenborn – Krinkelt – Wirtzfeld area in preparation for an attack eastward. The attack proceeded satisfactorily until the recent German offensive occurred on Dec 16. At this time the Division took up a stubborn defensive position in the Elsenborn – Wirtzfeld – Berg area and aided greatly in stopping the German counteroffensive from advancing further to the north and west. The Division remained in a holding position in the Elsenborn – Berg area at the end of the month.

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