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Marion Jeanette Poniedzialek Chard
VI Corps Combat Engineers of WW-II
This site is lovingly dedicated to my father, Walter “Monday” Poniedzialek , a 540th Engineer and all the other outstanding engineers of VI Corps. – This website began as a simple one-page site in June 2004, after my initial research into my father’s military history. However, it quickly and unbelievably snow-balled into what you see before you today. I now have a comprehensive understanding of the 540th after reading hundreds of pages of sitreps from the National Archives, talking with members of his unit, perusing through dozens of books, contacting various institutions, including the Army Corps Of Engineers’ Office of History, and meeting people throughout the world.

Warren Watson 30th Infantry Division – World War Two is one of these website you can not afford to miss if you are really interested in World War Two History. It’s really a must see.

99th Infantry Battalion (Se) Welcome to the official website of the 99th Infantry Battalion Educational Foundation. Dedicated to preserving the history of the Norwegian-American Infantrymen of the United States Army during World War Two.

Axis History Axis History is an apolitical site and forum dedicated to the history of the European Axis nations during the Second World War. Here you will find facts about Germany & Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland (formally not ally, but a co-belligerent), Hungary, Italy, Romania and Slovakia.

Henri Rogister (Belgium) is one of the people who have a different approach to the history of the Second World War and more particularly to the Battle of the Bulge. You should visit this site because you will find a wealth of relevant information about the events.

Blogosphère de Mara Jade Her name is Jacqueline Adelaide “Jade” Devereaux, an she is an American girl. She is 49. She was born on march 2, 1966, in Alexandria, VA. She now lives in Bastogne, in the “Plateau des Ardennes”, Belgium. (Let me do the rest Jackie) Because, Jackie as an American woman is publishing informations in French, she is my perfect opposite. As as a Belgian (French) guy, write and publish in English. Anyway she do a lot of work and she do that really good.

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Patton’s Third Army
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