Order of Battle – 2nd Infantry Division WW-2

Stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, the 2nd Infantry Division was sent to maneuvers at Christine, Texas from Jan 3 to Jan 27 1940 then at Horton, Texas from Apr 26 to May 28 1940. In August 1940, (16 to 23), the 2nd Division was sent to Cravens, Louisiana, and from Jun 1 to Jun 14 1941, the Division participated in the VIII Corps, Brownwood, Maneuvers in Comanche, Texas. It was then sent to Mansfield, Louisiana, for the Louisiana Maneuvers of August and September 1941. On Jun 27 1942, the 2nd Division was sent back to Fort Sam, Houston for the VIII Corps Louisiana Maneuvers and was re-designated 2nd Infantry Division on Aug 1 1942. On Sep 22 1942 the 2nd moved to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, then staged at Camp Shanks, New York, Oct 3 1943 until departed the New York POE, Oct 8 1943. The 2nd Infantry Division arrived in England on Oct 18 1943, landed in Normandy, France on Jun 7 1944, crossed into Belgium on Sept 29 1944 and finally into Germany on Oct 3 1944. After the Battle of the Bulge and the Germany Campaign, the 2nd entered Czechoslovakia May 4 1945 and after VE Day the Division returned to the New York POE on Jul 20 1945. It moved back to the US, Camp Swift, Texas, Jul 22 1945. A little while later, it moved to Camp Stoneman, California, Mar 28 1946 and arrived finally at Fort Lewis, Washington, on Apr 15 1946.

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