WW-2 Marble’s Compass, Gladstone, Michigan, USA

teddy-roosevelt-3Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt (Oct 27 1858 – Jan 6 1919), the 26th President of the United States of America, carried a Marble’s compass on many of his famous hunting expeditions all over the planet. Admiral Matthew Calbraith Perry (Apr 10 1794 – Mar 4 1858) and Admiral Richard E. Byrd (Oct 25 1888 – Mar 11 1957), both in the United States Navy, also used Marble’s manufactured compasses during their trips to the North and South Pole. Even Charles Lindbergh carried Marble’s a pocket knife, compass and matchbox during his Transatlantic Solo Flight. Our compasses have been routinely pinned on Air Force Bomber and Flying jackets in every American conflict since WW-I. Most of our turn-of-the-century compasses are still in service today. There are very few items that can make that claim.


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