Curiosity : WW-2 K-98 Bayonet for M-1 Rifle Cal 30.06 and M-1 Carbine

Today I’ve learned something new. Being of several Facebook Groups, History, Photos and Militaria I saw something so strange that I asked the owner to know a little more about it : German World War Two Bayonets modified to be used with and on the US M-1 Rifle (Garand), for the Norwegian Army after WW-2 but also for the US Military Police in the Occupation Troops in Germany.

Source on FB : Militaria Sammlergemeinschaft Germersheim – Militaria Flohmarkt – (US) Militaria Collector’s Club Germersheim & Militaria Flea Market)(FR) Club de Collectioneurs de Militaria de Germersheim et Marché aux Puces pour Militaria)





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