May 4 2015 (I’m 60) Leaving today for Normandy

3cb3746Well ! 0400 ! Leaving Belgium for a trip to Normandy with my daugthers ! How does it sounds ? The next step if Angoville-au-Plain after 702 Kms from wich 500+ in the land of the happy drivers … France. Let’s hope we will survive Normandy again. The last time I was there – 1994 – things were still (+/-) normal. All the peoples there were doing this trip to remember and to acknowledge the heroic actions and often ultimate sacrifice done by these American kids send over for our liberation. Unfortunately this has turned into a money circus in the 90’s and I didn’t want to come back again. I’ve tried to fight against my two blonde girls but I didn’t win. That’s why I am on my way to Normandy to guide them all over the Cotentin Peninsula. I’ll give you some news of the trip if I find a Internet connection.

Normandy here we are !


First part of the trip is to get out of Belgium without destroying our car. Some may wonders but the major part of the road in Belgium where in a better shape after the Battle of the Bulge in February 1945 than they are today (Socialist Republic). And there is no lie about this one. So, let’s get out the country (225 Km) then we will see. We left Francorchamps and our target is to go by Fabienne and Maurice, at the Ferme de la Guidonnerie, Maison d’Hôtes, 50480-F Angoville-au-Plain.

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