Happy Easter : First 2015 Sortie and Eggs Collecting !

whites-logo-3dAs you know, I’ve told this already last year while going to France for a really special research party, an US Company has offered us a new Metal Detector as a Sponsor and to help me going back on the Battlefields like I ha
ve done it during the 70s, the 80s and the 90s.

I have used this new engine for the first time last year in France, on a B-17 Bomber crash site, and after 30 minutes, I had to remove the helmet because I was also starting to beep like hell…

A couple of the photos shoot on that day by my daugther Cindy to show the way this new almost insane Detector can go deep in the ground and start beeping for a Dog Tag at 85 CM !

Bellow you can seen some photos of the team, Miss Cindy (she was hunting for small little French frogs), the strange guy with the blue hat (and we toke off his compass) is Lt Robert M. Rumsby, 101st Airborne Division (Active) while the little cute old man is Willis “Sam” Cole “Pepsi-Man”. Sam’s wife, Carol, was also present but she was already working on the fence around the place. Oh I forgot to tell you that they all call me “Moskitos Fritz”


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