The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl – Kerin Freeman

Some women are really amazing. I mean really amazing. What would you say if I tell you that I know one who has done a book about Bomb Disposal, Defusing Airplane bombs and this kind of stuff ? And I am not talking about defusing old rusty bombs excavated today (2015). No ! No way, I am talking about bombs which were dropped, which didn’t explode and which remains laying on the ground when the German airplanes were gone. Bombs made to kill, some being voluntary equipped with delay firing devies, some ticking or even smoking. These beasts were quietly laying on the ground like waiting to be moved by someone to go off. And these devices killed a lot of these Bomb Disposal’s heroes.

The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl: Jack Howard and Bomb Disposal in WW2I just got a reading copy from Kerin’s book today in the mail from Pen & Sword Books Ltd in the UK. The first thin I have to say is that the name of this Publishing House says it all. Quality of the work is perfect and there is nothing else to say because that an habit at P&S. I have always said that if I should once publish a book in English I will not use my own label – Foxmaster Publishing – but would choice P&S for it (if they accept of course).
Already available on Amazone, The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl: Jack Howard and Bomb Disposal in WW2 is the kind of book I don’t read but eat because those are real thriller. Having worked into World War Two ammunitions for over two decades, and having also lost a couple of friends who were blown up at home, I know the exact feeling of the peoples who hadn’t the chance to say “no way” and dig the thing deeper in the ground. These men had simply to do the job and either deactivate or destroy them on the spot. Unfortunately, and most of the cases, didn’t allow Bomb Disposal personal to detonate 250 Lbs or 500 Lbs explosive or incendiary devices in the London down town or in the front of Buckingham Palace. These men had to play enter into action knowing this terrible deal : 50/50 way out !

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