Shot Down – Destiny of a B-17 Bomber Nicknamed Susan Ruth


Last book just go in today, this beautiful work from Steve Snyder, Seal Beach, California USA, a very well done book with a nice hard cover and published by Sea Breeze Publishing LLC, located also in Seal Breeze.

logo-transSteve Snyder’s book is a great introduction to the US Air War in the European Theater because the text is humanized by the experience of a single bomber crew. Claire Foster at Clarion Reviews, gave a 5 stars rating to Steve’s book, adding : Snyder’s masterful book puts the reader inside the cockpit of this Susan Ruth B-17 Bomber and use the Intercom to get from Cockpit to Tail, from Tail to Ball-Turret, from Ball-Turret to Waist Gunners, both of em, and so on.
Accessible and relevant both to historians and readers with a casual interest in World War Two History.
logoHighly recommended for Historians and World War Two Aviation buffs, it’s a thoroughly satisfying and worthwhile read. Extensively researched, packed with photographs, and neatly interwoven with background remarks, this highly engaging book offers comprehensive, yet personalized portrait of the air war.
WHONewlogoAt War History Online, Nat Sullivan came to the same conclusion as I did. A masterful work. Enjoyable for those interested in the Eighth Army Air Force, in the World War Two Air War, in American Bombing Missions over Germany and in the B-17 Bombers (Flying Fortresses).

European_Center_Of_Military_HistoryAt the European Center of Military History, I had to take this book over to me because I knew that it was the kind of book that I do really appreciate. The first point is that in some ways the story is a family story – Steve Snyder’s Dad was in charge of this Bomber and the Pilot in the crew. The second point is even more interesting as this is a War History which happened in Europa during World War Two, was put on paper as a diary while still in Europa and finally decrypted in the USA decades later by the children of they Wartime Heroes. This makes things really simple and different for the readers because as soon as you open the book, the story turns you instantly into a crew’s member and everything happen inside the bomber just in the front of you.

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