Raymon Hook : 325/82-A/B, Bulge


Raymon Hook
325th Glider Infantry Regiment
82nd Airborne Division

[…] After manning a defensive position on the German border East of Grossbeek for about a month, alternating one week in the front lines and one week in reserve, we were relieved by the Canadian Troops and moved out on foot and then trucked to a camp near Sissonne, France for refitting and replacements of personnel, which by this time we sorely needed ! On Dec 18, 1944, we were alerted for a move to Belgium to help stop von Rundstedt in the Battle of the Bulge. We were loaded into open-bed semi-trucks. There was standing room only. As we drew closer to Belgium, we were leaning against or laying on top of each other. The cold was terrible ! A few hours after unloading at Werbomont, Belgium, we started marching in the night to take up defensive positions along the Vielsalm, Salmchateau, Joubiéval, Regné highway (RN-89).

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