90-ID, Normandy, France, 06/07-1944


Headquarters 90th Infantry Division
After Action Report

As of June 1 1944, the 90-ID was disposed in marshaling areas as follows : the main body of the Division was stationed in the XXIX District, Western Base Section, located generally north and east of the cities of Cardiff and Newport, Wales. The Division’s residual elements were located at Bournemouth, England while Group A (composed of foot elements of the 1st and 3rd battalions 359-IR and 40 vehicles) was located at Camp Syon Abbey in Devonshire, England, and attached to the 4-ID. The 358-IR was stationed at Camp Llangattock, Wales; the RCT 9 (-) and the 90-Rcn Troop at Camp Court-Y-Gollen, Wales; the RCT 7, 344-FAB, B Co 315-MB, B Co 315-ECB at Camp Chepstow, Wales; and Division Headquarters, Division Artillery Headquarters, 345-FAB, Special Troops at Heath Camp, Cardiff, Wales; and 315-ECB and 315-MB (less 3 Companies) also at Heath Camp. The Division had completed its preparation for overseas movement to the coast of France and was in the midst of loading vehicles aboard motor transport ships.


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