84-ID (K-334), Prummern, November 1944

Operations of K Co, 334th Infantry, 84th Infantry Division
near Prummern, Germany, November 23 – November 24 1944

(Rhineland Campaign)
(Personal Experience of a Company Commander)
Capt Eldridge C. Dudley


This report covers the operations of K Co, 334th Infantry, 84th Infantry Division in the attack on and subsequent withdrawal from fortified positions near Prummern, Germany Nov 23d to Nov 24th 1944 during the November offensive. In order for the reader to fully appreciate its significance, it will be necessary to discuss briefly the main events which preceded this action.

In early June 1944 the Allied Forces of Canada, Great Britain and the United States successfully invaded the northern coast of France. On Aug 15 the Seventh US Army and the French First Army effected a landing on the southern coast of France. Paris was liberated on Aug 28 and by Sept 4, the sorely needed port of Antwerp had fallen. Aachen, the first large German city to be captured, surrendered on Oct 21. Thus, the early part of November found the allied armies poised generally along the line of the German west wall prepared to strike again, this time toward the heart of the enemy homeland.

The 84th Infantry Division left the United States on Sept 20 1944 and by Nov 1, after a brief stay in England, was trekking its way across France destined to join the Ninth US Army for a part in the November offensive. After arriving in the combat zone in the 84th Division was first introduced to combat under the operational control of XXX British Corps (Nov 18-22 1944) for the purpose of eliminating the Geilenkirchen salient’s which lay astride the boundary of the US Ninth and the British 2nd armies.

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