L Co, 13/8-ID, Crossing the Roer River, Attack on Düren


Operations of L Co, 13th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division
Crossing the Roer River and Attack on Düren, Germany
23 – 25 February 1945, Rhineland Campaign
(Personal Experience of a Platoon Leader)
Capt Alexander F. Berol

This archive covers the operations of L Company, 13th Infantry Regiment, 8th US Infantry Division in the attack on Düren (GER) after the crossing of the Roer River, February 23-25 1945. In order to provide an orientation, it is necessary to briefly discuss the events prior to this action. The 8ID prior to Feb 7 1945 had had a holding mission along the west bank of the Roer River, in the vicinity of the Hürtgen Forest (GER), just along the Belgian border. On Feb 7, the 8ID, pursuant to orders from VII Corps, was relieved by the 1ID and given the mission of relieving elements of the 104ID on the west bank of the Roer River in the vicinity of Düren.


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