7-AD, St-Vith, Belgium, 16-20 December 1944


The job is quiet simple : Get the hell out of the area you are in (the 3 corners area – Holland – Germany – Belgium), move your entire division to the vicinity of St Vith, and help the elements of the 9th Armored Division to get out of the valley, stop the Krauts while the 9-AD’s Combat Command engaged pass trough your positions then move your division trough the 82nd Airborne Division line somewhere around Lierneux …

patche-7th-armored-division-usaAfter Action Report
7th Armored Division
December 1944
St Vith & Vicinity, Belgium

The 7th Armored Division was activated on March 1 1942, reorganized on September 20 1943, and sent to the United Kingdom in June 1944. The division landed on Omaha and Utah, on August 13-14 1944, and was assigned to the Third Army (US). The 7-AD drove through Nogent le Rotrou, France in an attack on Chartres which fell August 18. From Chartres, the division advanced to liberate Dreux, then Melun, where they crossed the Seine River, on August 24. The 7-AD then pushed on to bypass Reims, liberated Château-Thierry and Verdun on August 31, then halted briefly for refueling until September 6, when it drove toward to the Moselle and made a crossing near Dornot. This crossing had to be withdrawn in the face of the heavy fortifications around Metz.


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