3-AD Gouvy/Bovigny, January 1945 (Belgium)


The action of Gen Rose’s 3-AD during the same period the 2-AD was gaining the area situated along the highway Vielsalm-Samrée-La Roche up to Houffalize, parallels also quite closely. The division’s mission was to seize Cherain and Bovigny, and the zone of its advance on these objectives was bounded on the west by the road Manhay-Houffalize, inclusive, and on the east by the road Salm-Château – Hierlot. The western boundary was later changed to exclude the Manhay – Houffalize axe.
The background of activities of the 3rd Armored Division is quiet comparative to the one of the 2nd Armored. Both divisions saw many combats in France, in Belgium and even in Germany before being withdraw back to Belgium at the start of the Battle of the Bulge.

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