Defenses in Schmidt (Huertgen)(Germany) 3rd Bn, 112-RTC (28-ID)


The Huertgen Forest – Description

Known as the Huertgenwald to the Germans and to the Huertgen Forest to the Allies this area was one of the largest wooded tracts in Germany. It is located on the Belgian – German border and was part of the northern portion of the Ardennes region of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Eifel region of Germany. It is about 35 kilometers (23 miles) in length located between the southern part of Aachen – Brand in the north to the northern part of Simmerath – Monschau to the south. In wide, the area is about 40 kilometers (27 miles) from Roetgen, along the Belgian – German border in the west to Kreuzau – Düren in the east.

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