2-AD, Task Force Stokes, Holland, Sept 1944


By the evening of September 15 1944, the XIX Corps had established a bridgehead on the east bank of the Meuse River in the vicinity of Maastricht in Holland. Both the 30th Infantry Division and CCA, 2nd Armored Division had moved into the bridgehead and were ready to advance East. The 30-ID had the mission of giving flank protection to the VII Corps, whose attack in the vicinity of Aachen, Germany, constituted the current main effort of FUSA. The 2-AD mission was to protect the area West of the Vaart Canal and CCB-2AD had begun to advance in the area East of the Meuse River. Between the Vaart Canal and the Meuse River, however lay a narrow corridor, extending halfway across the XIX Corps front and completely in enemy hands. Obviously, this had to be cleared out before the 2-AD could, with safety, continue its advance East of the Meuse. XIX Corps ordered the 2-AD to clear the enemy from this corridor.

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