CCA/11-AD 12/44 – 05-45

After Action Report, Headquarters CCA, 11th Armored Division
The following report is submitted of the action of CCA against the enemy for the period 23 December 44 thru 31 January 45, as required by AR 345-105, C3


December 23-1944
On December 23-1944 the 11th Armored Division was still engaged in movement from Barneville on the Cherbourg Peninsula to a concentration area in the vicinity of Soissons. The bulk of Hq & Hq Co, CCA was on the road, but the CG, accompanied by S-2, S-3 and aide, had preceded the column and arrived in Rheims at 1900 on December 23. Division having received the mission of defense of the Meuse River line, a combat command and staff was hastily constituted from units available and placed under the command of CG CCA. So as to accomplish this mission, during the night of December 23-24 a CCA staff was organized at Sissonne, and issued FO #5 0430 24 December. The CC was composed of the following troops, divided as indicated, into two task forces :

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