M-1903 Springfield, .30 (30.06) (Years & Serial)


What is an M-1903 and Where does it Comes From ?
The 1903 adoption of the Springfield Bolt Action was preceded by nearly 30 years of struggle and politics, using lessons learned from the recently adopted US versions of the Krag-Jørgensen rifle and the German Mauser G-98 bolt-action rifles. The M-1903 not only replaced the various versions of the US Army’s Krag, but also the Lee M-1895 and M-1885 Remington-Lee used by the US Navy and the US Marine Corps, as well as all remaining single shot trap-door Springfield M-1873. While the Krag had been issued in both a long rifle and carbine, the Springfield was issued only as a short 24 in. barrel rifle in keeping with current trends in Germany and Great Britain to eliminate long rifle and carbines.


(Source : www.warrelics.eu)

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