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    hello my name is Harris Dail and my father was assigned to 2nd Armored Division at FT Benning GA when it was first standing up. Your history of the 2nd AD has two flaws in it. First off It never staged at Ft Dix NJ It left Ft Bragg and went straight to NY for Disembarkation and secondly it was never deactivated until 1885. It was the only continuous active duty armored division in the US Army for 55 years. I can attest to this since my father spent his whole time in the army in 2nd AD from 1940 to 1945. Also I am currently at Ft Hood TX (formerly Camp Hood) and have the honor of working in the old 2nd AD HQ’s building where there are several plaques recognizing the 2AD and its 55 year run in history. 1st AD was deactivated around 146 and reactivated during the start up of the korean police action.

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    Hello Harris
    I have read your comment and again and again but I am still trying to find out it’s purpose ! Who the hell do care about the fact that the 2nd A/D left Benning for Casablanca without even seeing the Atlantic ? Being the son of a 2nd A/D Veteran I would have loved to hear something about what your father did during the period and not about the only part of his unit’s history that no one care about !
    Fort Dix as well as Camp Shank and other ones were – I am not sure – places where units were assembled before being sent oversea ! POE Port of Embarkation – you can’t send a entire division straight from it’s Base to the POE without even checking if the entire unit is around ! You can’t do this along the docks …

    I am sure that someone (American) will take this over and fix you up with what really happened.

  3. Our Grandfather, Paul R Dry, deceased in Coventry, PA in 2004, was in the 2nd Armored and i believe the 67th Regiment. Is there an ‘enlisted man’ record anywhere or any further ‘personal records’ availability?

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