Hello and Welcome to the European Center of Military History
The site is under suche a Major upgrade that I would better say that it's under
a Lt Gen Upgrade and this will last for some months because EUCMH isn't anymore
one site but 4 sites. I had to create them and I am loading them with the material
I plan them to include.
While being under work there is the list of links (inside EUCMH) to follow if you want to visit.

1 - The first new part of EUCMH is the Photos Archives
The photos archives part was created not to make money but to allow ME to GET money
to buy new archives(papers) and (photos) to offer them to YOU to download (Hight
Definition) for less than the regular online price.

2 - The second part (it seems to be really liked) the Paperless Archives
Like above, the more YOU buy the more archive I will put online. Beside this,
the prices are really made for everyone.

3 - Vintages ? What is it ? You know that I am planning to open a real museum
with special items. It should be named something like "Military Field Technology"
and deals with all these stranged items used during WW-2 on the Battlefields, in
the Air and on the Seas. What I become from Veterans or Veterans's Relatives are sent
right into the Museum Items Collection. But what I find (Flea Markets, Trading, Buy at Auction)
is the kind of items you will find for sale or trade because the goal of this site
is to make some money to buy very interesting items for the Museum.

4 - Well this part is well known since 2009 because we still never have lost a single
members. Once hooked in the deployes and corrected EUCMH Archives, no one leave.
I may never fet an award from some authorities but to say the true, I do really not care
about awards. My clients like what I do and that why I work that hard for my clients.

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  • What we do !

    Bruges, Belgium is the Northern Venice

    Basicaly the European Center of Military History is a great place you can contact before planning a visit the Battle Fields and the Fortifications in our country. Should you want to go for the period of World War One and the Flander's Fields or the period of World War Two and the North or the South Shoulder of the Battle of the Bulge, we can provides you with the ideal contact person to make surer you will not miss a single part of your historical travel. We can even, should you willing to visit other areas, help you to get in touch with the real peoples for Normandy, South France, North-East France and Luxembourg.

    Belgium, American Military Cemetery in Henri-Chapell and Neuville en Condroz

    The virtual part of the European Center of Military History is also there to help you when you are doing researches in the Second World War period, trying to find informations about the places, the units involved, the combats in which one of your ancestors was a part of. Official After Action Reports, Combat Histories, Regimental Studies and War Diaries are plublished almost on a daily basis. Photos are also published en masse and even available free of charge if you visit EUCMH on Pinterest. Even better, you can also find thousands and thousands photos that we post also on a daily basis on our Facebook Fan Page and you can even join one of our many discussions and place a request or even ask a question to our members. I bet there will always be an helpful Belgian that will get you the right answer and/or informations.

    Belgium, The Battle of the Bulge

    Another part of our work at the European Center of Military History is our sorties. We are very active into the researches of Soldiers declared as Missing in Action. We do this for American and German Soldiers in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and along the Belgian Border in Germany. We are counting already 21 discovered Missing Soldiers but we have to mention that we found once 16 Missing from the 12. SS-Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend on the same day. Anyway we are always ready to start when valuable informations comes to us.

  • What we want !

    EUCMH, what we are just asking for

    I met my first American veteran when my dad put me on the hood of a big US Army truck somewhere in Germany in 1962. We were goin for hollidays in Austria (Gmunden - Traun See). My dad wanted to shot a photo while I was on this truck. But scared to dead I started crying but stopped when two American soldiers cames also on the hood, one sitting on my left, the other one on my right. I have no clue about what these two men said to me but in some way, what they said and the sound of their words were reconforting to me and dad was able to shot the photo. I've searched to find the photo but I was really unable to find it.

    EUCMH, places you could find stuff for us

    While doig a trip in the USA to visit World War Two Veterans, I had the chance to visit a small Flea Market in Boynton Beach, Florida. I was spending a couple of days at Lt Thomas Stack (291st Engineer Combat Battalion) house. He asked if I would like to see a American Flea Market and we were soon there. I became almost insane when the first thing I saw was a original 1944 MK-2A-1 Hand Grenade crate halpf full of Dog Tags, most of them notched. I saw this like a box of heroes while the lady who was willing to sale them was handling these Tags just like shit, or better said, like a way to make money. I have to say that it wasn't the first time I saw this in the US. I saw this also at a Militaria Shop in Bethesda, Maryland. I had a deal with the shop owner and back in Belgium I sent him the 500$ he asked. He got them. I never got the Tags.

    EUCMH, we don't collect Tanks, only small items

    Basicaly, what we need is small militaria. I mean small item in the size between a B-52 Strategic Airplane and a 2'x2' Field Combat Set of Military Toilet Paper. What we need and also what we are looking for is simple. Wartime Photos, Wartime Documents, Wartime Souvenirs, Wartime Scrapbooks, Wartime Diaries and if you have some you don't want to keep or doesn't know what to do with, Wartime Military Equipments. I am a part of the generation that has to bring History to the next generation and I really need help to achieve this tremendous task.

EUCMH 2015

EUCMH Location & Contact

Francorchamps : a pretty one small city in Belgium but after Bastogne, Bruxelles, Bruges, the best known Belgian city because of his Formula One Race Track and his beautiful surounding area in the heart of the Belgian Ardenne.

Michael Schumacher for Ever

International Formula One Race Trac in Francorchamps

International Formula One Race Trac in Francorchamps

Beside the fact that we don't have a reception hall as large as the playgroung of the Washington Redskins, we are simple peoples and have just a family house, there will always be a door open and a great mug coffee on the kitchen table for you. We do really enjoy to have you here should you be in the area. If you are not that close but ran into a problem we will do our maximum and check into our contacts to get you out of the mess. So you are welcome and you will find bellow the informations you will need to call us, to send us something or wathever.

European Center of Military History
Cindy - Kimberley - Gunter G. Gillot Jr
rue des Thiers 8
Francorchamps (Stavelot) Belgium 4970
Phone : +32 (0)87-266150
Cellular : +32 (0)476-031-039
Direct Email : info@eucmh.com


This is the non-exhaustive list of the Friends of the European Center of Military since the creation of the project in the town of Malmedy and even before in the town of Jalhay. I am sure I have forgotten some but it's not easy to remember everyone.
I will develop this list with the time and if I add more friends and will also add peoples I dislike.

Mrs Nancy Reagan (First Lady)
Mr Ronald Reagan (President of the USA)
Thanks for your letter, and your suport Sir

Mrs Mildred Patterson US Ambassador in Brussels)
Thanks for the Help getting the photo done in Senator Dole's Office in DC

Senator Robert Dole, Disabled Veteran, Italian Campaign
Thanks for the great coffee and the photo Sir

General Matthew Bunker Ridgway, visit in the Pitsburg Vicinity
Commanding General of the 82nd Airborne Division
Commanding General of the XVIII Corps Airborne
Thanks for the dedicates, the photos, the maps, the helmet, the canopy
and finally to allow me to meet a great and fine man Sir

General James Maurice Gavin 'JimSlim', visit down in the south
Commanding General of the 82nd Airborne Division
Thanks for the Dedicates, Infos, Letters, Photos and... Sir

General Bruce C. Clark Commanding Combat Command B, 7th Armored Division
Thanks for the book, the photos and the signatures Sir

General William M. Miley
Commanding General of the 17th Airborne Division
I didn't came to the meeting but I want really to thanks for the great photos Sir

General William T. Ryder
Commanding Officer of the 1st American Parachute Test Platoon
We had dozen of mails exchanges (regular post) but you was always there for me
I really want to thanks for your time, photos, silk maps, letters, maps, Sir

General William P. Yarborough
Commanding Officer of the Parachute Test Platoon #2 (Extreme Weather Training Troops)
Thanks for all the photos, the letters, the informations, Sir

General George M. Jones
COmmanding Officer (Pacific) 503rd Marine Parachute Regiment
We didn't had a lot of contact but thanks you Sir

Gen Edward W. Westlake (Derfield Beach - Florida)
31st Infantry Division
Dear Gen and Mrs Westlake, I think I was to young in 84 to understand and realize what you was offering to me and my wife. You are the only person that offered me his confidence in my whole life. Tank You from the bottom of my heart

Col Charles B. MacDonald
2nd Infantry Division
Mac, I do not really know what to say but there is something I can feel : I miss you Sir

Howard S. Bedney
104th Infantry Divison (Battle of the Bulge)
Thank you for your visit Sir

William C. C. Cavanagh
Will you may be a really strange guy. You may also be a really funny one. Since our ways got separated I've seen many historians. Motsly bad ones that just do copy and recopy and some better ones that do recopy and add one sentence from time to time. I've never saw again someone like you. To my eyes, and after having waled miles and miles in our beautiful Belgian forest, you are definetly and will always be the Best Military Historian in relation with our Battle of the Bulge. I do really want to thank you for all I have learned beside you while you were working for and with me. I have heard from Fiona that you have some healt problems and I hope we will be again once together at Bucholz Station and on the Weisserstein Trail. Or Lausdell ? It's up to you.

Jean-Louis Seel
I know you since the time I travelled you all over the Normandy beaches with your infect girfriend. I have always said that if are not the best then you are one of the to handle a Metal Detector. I started saying this during the early 80s and I keep saying this in 2015. Well done and keep the good job going with Jean-Philippe.

Theodore B. Wilcox
104th Infantry Division (Battle of the Bulge) Thank you for you visit Sir

Louis S. Wise Jr
7th Infantry Division (Rihneland Campaign) Thank you for you visit Sir

Alvin E. Thomas
70th Infantry Division (Battle of the Bulge)
Dear Alvin, thanks for the books and the pictures

Robert F. Little Jr
1st Cavarly
Thank you for your visit Sir

Philippe Gillain - La Gleize December Museum
I have learned with you, my dear Philippe, that often, the size of a friendship is equal to the size of a wallet. This is really sad but having done several 1000 kilometers to find mostly really hard to find items for your museum and having sale these items for your collection for prices that had really nothing to do with the market, this for years, when I visited your museum they asked me to pay to visit. Sometime friendship looks and acts like a boomerang. Thank you

Roger V. Foeringer
99th Infantry Division (Battle of the Bulge)
Thank you for your visit Sir

Lew Conant
3rd Infantry Division (ETO)
Thanks for your wisit Sir

Jett J. Johnson
Son of Pfc Johnson
393rd Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division (Battle of the Bulge
Dear Jett, all I did was nothing else than having a son sitting in the foxhole his Dad digged in December 1944. I’m happy we could achieve this goal.

James E. Tracy
3rd Army (ETO)
Thanks for your visit Sir

John S. Linz
C Company, 1st Battalion, 394th Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division (Bulge)
Thanks for your visit Sir

Pat J. Murphy
456th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division (Bulge)
Thank for your visit Sir

John B. Merril
308th Medical Company, 83rd Infantry Division (Bulge)
Thanks for your visit and the informations Sir

Edward Sierjeij
17th Airborne Division
Dear Ed, it is so painful to get your name typed in the right way that I’ve forgot how to type it. Thanks for the help and of course for the privilege to be an Honoray Member od the 17th A/B Association (1984)

Sgt Donald S. Scott
513th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 17th A/B Division
Dear Don, thank you for allowing me to translate and publish you book in France and Belgium. Thanks for the WW2 Jump Boots, all the combat equipments, and for your friendship. Thank you for your service Sir

John W. Mill USN Avia
Thanks for your Visit Sir

Thomas Huff
A Company, 414th Infantry Regiment, 104th Infantry Division
Thanks for your visit Sir

1/Lt Thomas F. Stack
291st Engineer Combat Battalion
Tom I am so sorry but I don’t understand how you Americans can eat that stuff you call “Jelly” This Green or Red thing seems to be still alive on the table. Tom you are and will always be my fav damned engineer

James S. Steiner (USN)
Thank you for your visit Sir

Peter L, Coppock (UK Army)
Thank you for your visit Sir

Don L. De Donato
290th Field Artillery Observation Battalion
Thank you for your visit Sir

Hans Sänger
German 79. Infanteriedivision
Dear Hans thank you for your visit and of course for this terrific WW-2 Sani Helmet

Richard D. Carlson
409th Infantry Regiment, 103rd Infantry Division
Thanks for your visit Sir
Clarence C. Lauer Jr
6th Cavalry
Thanks for your visit Sir

Wayne Colwell (278SP/XIII/9A)
Thanks for your visit Sir

Leo E. Thompson
I Company, 2nd Battalion, 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division
Thanks for your visit Sir

Johnny T. Goldston
Anti Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons, 552nd PIR
Thanks for your visit Sir

Earl W. Deitz
1121G-HQ(Gen Gerow’s Cook)(1A)
Thanks for your visit Sir

Robert B. Willon Jr
I Company, 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
Thanks for your visit Sir

Robert W. Tribe
A Company, 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion
Thanks for your visit Sir

Robert A. Houston
405th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division
Thanks for your visit Sir

Robert L. Brander
G Company, 2nd battalion, 41syt Armored Infantry Regiment, 2nd Armored Division
Thanks for your visit Sir

Elmer J. Otting
309th Field Artillery, 78th Infantry Division
Thanks for your visit Sir

Léon Degrelle
SS-Brigadeführer, Generalmajor der Waffen-SS
SS Legion Wallone
Spain, short visit
Well Dear Léon on either sides, you are a part of our history

Vincent P. Kramer
Recon Officer, 18-1-ID
Thanks for your visit Sir

Carter H. Colembe
HQ-289-IR, 75th Infantry Division
Thanks for the Jacket and the Patches Sir

Robert V. Benz
Thanks for the flag and the medals Sir

Owen C. Miller
A506, 101A/B
Thanks for the German captured helmet Sir

Ralph E. Walter
Thanks for your visit Sir

Stewart T. Moran
XII Manitoba Dragoon

Hugo Segat
Military Surplus, New York
Canal Street Militaria, New York

Jean-Jacques Lesceux
Great Falls, Va
(Fort Meade)

Patrick M. Hubai
Henri-Chapelle American Military Cemetery
Thanks Patrick

Robert J. Stewart
87th Reconnaissance, 7th Armored Division
Our Family Adoped Grave (1984)
Thanks for this sacrifice Sir
Thank you for my freedom

Dennis M. Davies
Salem, NH Really a great guy

George P. Clark (373/17/AAF)
Thanks for your visit Sir

James Bramuck (USN)
Thanks for your visit Sir

Howard Bawen (D/394/99ID)
Thanks for your visit Sir

Bernd X (on request)
1. SS Panzerdivision LSSAH
Thanks for your visit Sir

Fritz X (on request)
1. SS Panzerdivision LSSAH
Thanks for your visit Sir

Werner X (on request)
1. SS Panzerdivision LSSAH
Thanks for your visit Sir

Group 25
- Jordan M. Reifel (3AAF & 14AD)
- William Byrnes (I/254/63ID)
- Jim L. Kelly (C/120/30ID)
- Jack Bender (USA)
- Melvin D Goebel (I/254/63ID)
- Leon Mourer (I/254/63ID)
- W. E. Luipler (A/263/63ID)
- J. Kagan (808FAB/9A)
- Henry V. Robut (D/254/63ID)
- Paul Kliger (1ECA/1A)
- Earl S. Parker (E/423/106ID)
Thanks for your visit to all of you Guys

Mike Holmstock
B Company, 504PIR, 82A/B (Cheneux)
Visitibg him in Derfield Beach Floride, Mike offered me his WW-2 Paratrooper Jacket. I asked him if he had a son, he told me yes and I said : sorry Sir I can’t accept this. This jacket is for your son.

C. R. Coxon (USA)
Arthur J. Schwartz (USA)
John C. Grady (542PIB)
Harold Walsh (Publisher)
William R. Embrey (USA)

Rev. William H. Dean (551PIB)
Thanks Bill You are a great guy

Al Pfeiffer (11AD)
Ralph A. Watson (101AB)
Andy Beck (S-Co/103ID)
Philip van Eckeren (Honorary 508PIR)

Bob Van Houtem (President VBOB-USA)
Thanks for the VBOB Medal

Fred Waring (82AB)

Dan Morgan (551PIB)
Thanks Dan

Saul Solow (30ID)
Jim Allardyce (508PIR)
Alvin E. Thomas (70ID)

General Bernard W. Rogers, (SHAFE-CG)
Richard Neal (D/393/99ID)
Charles Klouda (1MED/309/78ID)
George V. Ewald (67EVAC-HOS)
Erwin O. Hayes Jr (A/23/2ID)
George Wise (581AMB-Co)
Van String (H/291/75ID)
King B. Rock (285FOB)
Rey Rauvie (D/5FA/1ID)
William D. Lake (AT-Co/377/95ID)
Helen Jordan Phillips (USA/Baugnez)
Hans Jaeger (553VGD-1119SFKP)
Bill Waller (Belgium)
Robert H. Ishom (B/194/17AB)
Hey Soldier drop that Rocket Launcher will ya !

F. W. Clipper (214FAB)
William Dodge (M/424/106ID)
Paul J. Folis (628QMB)
William H. Mueller (M/424/106ID)
Frank Bordely (M/424/106ID)
Edward A. Lampere (M/424/106ID)
Clement F. Piscitello (4ID & 9ID)
Karl Willems (272 VGrDiv)
Sidney Pell (HQ/415/104ID)
Robert R. Rankin (USAF)
R. E. Stone (B/523/AIB)
Sparky Tewalt (H/33EB/7AD)
(Thanks Sparky for the Jacket)

Thomas B. Lenaban (2AD)
Bernard Rebarchak (H/3Bn/110/28ID)
Charles S. Failamb (551PIB)
(Would really like to get the Jump Suit the Boots and Helmet)

P-38 Discovered in Eupen
Unknown Pilot & P-38 Downed 1943 (found in 1989)
JPAC Recovery Team
Jeff Delgado 168th Ordnance Detachment (EOD)
Sgt William Copl USA MEM AFF ACT EUR Frankfurt Mortuary
Michael C. Toccheti SUPV Mortuary Officer
NB : They didn't find anything. I supervised the activities on the crash site but they didn't let the man on the excavator following my indication. Digging for Military Items for more than 20 years teach you how to work. So they decided to go back to Germany and I decided to pay the excavator for one more day. The next day, I told the guy on the excavator to put his engine on another place and then to start digging my way. 10 minutes later I had the Pilot's parachute out of the ground then the Dinky, a Colt .45, and finally the boots of the pilot with the socks in it and the remaining bones in the socks. Enough to generate a official Burial.
Do you think that anyone said thank you to me ? Forget it ! Fuck You !

Lou Regens (2ID)
Richard F. Keller (HQ-3ID)
J. B. Virgil (VFW-USA)
Bobby R. Hurst (HQ-USIC-Benning)
Michael Moss (West Point Museum)
Gerard “Gerry” Devlin (Historian-USA)
J de Cartier d’Yves (PA-ABL-HA)
Daniel S. Campbell (82AD)
Paul Kemp (Imperial War Museum)
Terril M. Aitken (Oregon Mil Museum)
M. Paulissen – (GHQ-Belgian Army)
David Gettman (relative to Shorty Gettman 99ID)

Willis S. Cole Jr
Battery Corporal Willis S. Cole Military Museum
Carol Lorraine Reinbol Cole (Wife of the little “Pepsi” man)
Greg Tongue – 06484 CT-USA
relative to Kenneth Tongue, I Co, 3rd Bn, 507th PIR, 17th A/B Div
Thanks for the photos

Eddy Lamberty, Belgian C47 (Chapter Salm River)
Bill Rezey, From Here To Antiquity, Ballston Spa, New York USA

will you be the next ?

Kilroy was Here

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